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Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California

A view from the Palm Springs Tram

This great “escape the winter” location captured my wife’s heart and has become one of our favorite travel spots in our effort to avoid the cold of the northeast.  It came as a complete surprise and it’s hard to put into words but that’s part of the beauty of travel.  You never know what’s going capture your imagination or what’s going to appeal to you about a location.  And the amazing thing is how it can all change as you get to know the hidden places in a way that is only possible by being there.

               For my wife, it may have been the palm trees or the mountain range in the distance.  Perhaps it was the ties to Old Hollywood with almost every street name connected to a movie personality.   It could have been the wonderful dining experiences we had or the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.  One of the many highlights was the Aerial Tramway into the mountains to see the gorgeous valley below and watch children play in the snow at an altitude of 8,500 feet.

               After a week in this lovely resort location, we were sorry to leave.  The people were nice, the food was great and the scenery was spectacular.  It was part of our winter journey one year and we vowed to come back which is saying a lot.  With the number of places you can visit, to come back to a place you’ve already been is saying something quite remarkable about that location.  We found ourselves talking about our week there quite often and it still holds a special charm for us.

               It was the first place where we came to the conclusion that it’s nice to see palm trees in the winter because it means that you’re someplace warm!  We have been fortunate enough to do that in our retirement on quite a few occasions and it has exceeded all of our expectations.  It is a lifestyle we always dreamed about and seeing new places and meeting new people has confirmed what we already knew: there is so much to see, so many things to learn, so many new foods to try and so many nice people to meet!  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  We walk in and out of small little shops and pick up more information than no guidebook could give you.  Just one trip to the local farmer’s market on a weekend will give you a great feel for the town and the people.  We took in an art festival on the grounds of a polo field (talk about a different lifestyle!) and were amazed at the different artists, many of whom were well into their own retirement.  Those are the types of things that keep you young and energized.  I haven’t got one artistic bone in my body, but I truly am inspired when I meet people with such talent.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction as I keep my travel journal and recall all the amazing experiences we have been fortunate enough to have.

               Palm Springs is also one of those places that had a “Golden Age” and you can experience a little bit of it through a tour of the stars’ homes.  We had a great time as we learned about how Palm Springs came to be and how you can still experience a little bit of Old Hollywood.  As a stopover in our trip from Arizona to the California coast, Palm Springs provided a peaceful oasis of relaxation and sunshine in our attempt to escape the snow and ice of the northeast.  You gotta love those palm trees in February!!

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