About This Site

Sunset in Destin, Florida

Our Idea

As we watched the beautiful sunset one evening, we started to think about lucky we were to be able to see scenes like this and how nice it might be to share with others. It was such a peaceful setting that we realized that, if everyone could focus on positive things like this, maybe there would be more peace in the world.

Our Story

We are Jim and Cathy Conner and the new found freedom of retirement has inspired us to see the world and share it with others!

Our Inspiration

We live in a wonderful country on and incredibly beautiful planet. The more we see on our travels, the more we learn that people everywhere want the same basic thing: a safe environment for their family and to be able to enjoy life. Here are some of the things we’ll talk about here as we travel the world together.

Wonderful Places and Things to Do

From the popular places to those that are off the Beaten Path, there’s something to learn from every location we’ve been to.

Great Dining Experiences

There’s nothing better than a meal with friends and learning about the different cuisines within our own country as well as throughout the world.

The Wisdom of Great People

The people who made history were some of the wisest and most interesting people who ever lived and many lived in places you can still visit!

Tell your friends…

If you like what you see here, spread the word and create a little more peace in the world by sharing your own stories!